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Calzone vs Stromboli: Exploring the Delicious Differences

Introduction to Calzone and Stromboli

Food is one of our most basic needs, and early man hunted and gathered to satisfy their hunger until they started cultivating edible plants and livestock. As civilization progressed, food evolved, and new dishes emerged.

One such popular cuisine is Italian, with spaghetti and pizza gaining a massive following worldwide. In this article, we will discuss two types of Italian turnovers, calzone, and stromboli.

You might have heard of them but may not know the difference between them, how they originated, or how they are made.

Italian Food Popularity

Italian food’s popularity can be attributed to pizza, one of the most universally loved foods globally. With its thin crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings, it’s impossible not to crave a slice.

However, Italian cuisine offers an array of mouth-watering dishes that appeal to all palates, from seafood to pasta; you name it, and Italian cuisine has it. to Calzone and Stromboli

Calzone and stromboli are Italian turnovers that are usually stuffed with various fillings and folded over to form pockets or crescent rolls.

They are both similar to pizza, but with some slight differences, making them a unique and delicious treat.


Origin of Calzone

Calzone originated in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century. The name translates to ‘stocking’ or ‘trouser’ in Italian, and it is believed to be named after the baggy pants worn by Neapolitan men.

Calzone was created as a street food alternative to pizza, and it quickly grew in popularity.

Ingredients and Stuffing

Calzone’s stuffing is similar to pizza toppings, but the ingredients are usually more concentrated in the dough. The most common stuffing is tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Italian-cured meats like prosciutto and salami.

Vegetables like peppers, onions, and mushrooms are also popular.


Calzone is made by taking a rolled-out pizza dough and adding the stuffing on one half. The other half of the dough is then folded over and sealed to leave a crescent-shaped pocket.

The dough is then either baked or fried to give it a crispy exterior.


Origin of Stromboli

Stromboli originated in the United States, and it is named after the Italian island, Stromboli. The dish was first created in 1950 by Nazzareno Romano, a native of the island, who opened a bakery in Spokane, Washington.

Since then, stromboli has become a popular appetizer in Italian restaurants and pizzerias.

Ingredients and Stuffing

Stromboli is similar to calzone, but it has a more varied stuffing. The ingredients can vary greatly depending on the chef’s preference and customer requests.

It’s not unusual to find fillings such as pepperoni, sausage, onions, green peppers, and cheese.


Stromboli is prepared differently from calzone because it is rolled instead of folded. The dough is laid flat and then covered with various fillings.

The chef then rolls the dough lengthwise before baking it, giving it a spiral-like appearance when cut.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a delicious and unique taste of Italian cuisine, you should definitely try calzone and stromboli. Although they look similar, the different preparation methods, ingredients, and stuffing make them distinct from each other.

Go ahead and indulge your taste buds in these mouth-watering treats, and please do not forget to thank the Italians for their culinary creativity!


Origin of Stromboli

Stromboli, unlike Calzone, is an Italian-American dish that originated in Philadelphia in the early 1950s. It was first introduced by a restaurant on South Philly’s Snyder Avenue called Romano’s.

The dish was invented by Nazzareno Romano, who had moved to Philadelphia from the Italian island of Stromboli. However, some people believe that the dish was first created at a bakery in Spokane, Washington, by the same name.

Regardless of where it was created, Stromboli quickly became popular, thanks to its presence in the 1950 movie, ‘Stromboli.’

Ingredients and Stuffing

Stromboli’s ingredients are very diverse and vary considerably across chefs and regions. They often include a mix of sandwich fillings such as Italian meats, cheese, and vegetables.

The most popular fillings in Stromboli are the same ingredients used for pizza toppings. These toppings usually include tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Parmesan or Romano cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.

Of course, one can add additional ingredients like olives, salami, spinach, or even seafood.


Stromboli is prepared differently from Calzone, which as we learned is more crescent-shaped or pocket-shaped. Stam-boli is more like a bread roll, although it is rolled like a pinwheel.

The chef rolls out Italian bread dough and then adds cheese, meats, veggies, and other ingredients before rolling it up like a jellyroll. After rolling it up, the dough is usually brushed with a little olive oil or beaten egg yolk for color, then baked.

When cut, sliced Stromboli looks like a hypnotic pinwheel of fillings and dough.

Comparison Between Calzone and Stromboli

Now that we know what Calzone and Stromboli are, let’s take a look at how they differ from each other.


Both dishes have nearly the same dough and preparation as Italian bread. The difference is that Calzone is created from a pizza dough, which is typically denser than traditional bread dough.

Stromboli is made from Italian bread dough, which is what makes the dough of the Stromboli bread-like and the Calzone slightly doughier. Stuffing/Filling

The most significant difference between Calzone and Stromboli is stuffing/filling.

Calzone has mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce for the stuffing. The onions or Italian meats can be added to the mix.

Stromboli, on the other hand, is more like a sandwich filled with cheese, meats, and veggies; one may find meatballs, ham, turkey, sauted mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and many more sandwich fillings inside.


While the required ingredients can vary a bit, both Calzone and Stromboli have pizza sauce and mozzarella. Calzones are generally crescent-shaped with most of the dough on the outside.

The filling is laid out on one side, and then it gets folded over to mirror the half it just came from. Calzones are generally baked in an oven for about 10 minutes.

Stromboli, on the other hand, is rolled like a pinwheel and requires a longer cooking time than calzone.


In summary, Calzone and Stromboli are classic Italian-American dishes that have been around for many years. While these hearty turnovers are certainly two of the most filling and flavorful foods one can enjoy, their differences are quite apparent.

Calzone is folded similar to a half-circle, while Stromboli is rolled like a pinwheel. Additionally, signature ingredients generally differ between the two.

Calzone’s filling is mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce with Italian meat or vegetables, while Stromboli is a sandwich with Italian meats, cheese, and veggies aside.


In conclusion, Calzone and Stromboli are two classic Italian turnovers that have been around for many years. While they share similarities in terms of dough and preparation, they also have notable differences in stuffing/filling, preparation method, and shape.

Summary of Differences

Calzone’s stuffing mainly comprises mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce, often blended with Italian meats and vegetables. The Calzone is folded like a half-moon or a crescent, and then it is baked in an oven.

On the other hand, the filling for Stromboli consists of a variety of sandwich fillings, cheese, Italian meats, vegetables, and pizza toppings. Stromboli’s dough is filled and rolled into a pinwheel-like shape, and it is baked in an oven.

Significance of Calzone and Stromboli

Calzone and Stromboli are popular all over the world and are essential components of Italian cuisine. They are not just for culinary delight, but they are also significant because they won the hearts of people all over.

These hearty turnovers have become part of Italian cuisine and have been adopted by other countries worldwide, making them vital dishes among authentic Italian cuisines. The popularity of these dishes can be summed up by the fact that pizza and Italian cuisine are now part of every country’s culinary spread.

In the United States alone, millions of people consume pizza regularly. Most people’s love for pizza has sparked a demand for more Italian cuisine, and this is where Calzone and Stromboli come in.

These dishes are great alternatives to pizza and spaghetti and are a quick, convenient way to enjoy Italian cuisine on the go. Apart from being delicious, these dishes are also an experience.

Visiting Italy or an Italian restaurant will give people the opportunity of a lifetime. They experience first-hand the taste, smell, and texture of authentic Italian food, including Calzone and Stromboli.

In conclusion, although Calzone and Stromboli are similar in some ways, they are distinct dishes with unique fillings/filling, preparation techniques, shapes, and tastes. As notable dishes with deep Italian roots, Calzone and Stromboli have left an indelible mark on the world’s culinary world.

They afford people the ability to experience an authentic Italian culinary experience without the travel expenses!

In conclusion, Calzone and Stromboli are two delicious Italian turnovers that have been around for years. Although they share similarities in dough and preparation, they differ in stuffing/filling, shape, and preparation methods.

They represent the cultural significance of Italian cuisine that has gained global fame and acceptance. These dishes offer people an easy and convenient way to experience Italian cuisine without leaving their homes.

As classic Italian dishes that have won hearts all over the world, we can enjoy Calzone and Stromboli, celebrating their taste, texture, and aroma while cherishing their contribution to the culinary world.

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